Several years ago it became obvious that I had a drinking problem. One of my friends “pointed” me in the direction of the Kentucky Physicians Health Foundation.  Now almost 9 years later I have my life to thank the KPHF for.  They were able to guide me in the right directions to achieve my dreams. They made the solution to my drinking problem “simple, not easy”.  Through their program of accountability and advocacy, I am now practicing medicine and living without the burden of alcohol or Board restrictions.  There is no question that I would not be here today without their direction.  I have referred and will continue to refer colleagues in need of their services. Tom F. 


There are some decisions you make in life where you don’t quite understand the gravity and the impact they will have in your life while you’re making them.  I was terminated by my residency program and hospital for what I thought was an unfair termination for non disclosure. But these traumatic events allowed me to address my real problem with alcohol.  With the help of KPHF and AA, I feel now that these events made me face and resolve my issues with alcohol. My program of recovery and KPHF has given me a deep sense of serenity that I thought was impossible. I’m living a clean life without alcohol and I’m happier than ever before.  I try to live a spiritual life, guided by my fellows and a power greater than myself.  Mike R.


 Back in 1997 I was instructed to call the Kentucky Physicians Health Foundation (KPHF) if I wanted to keep my job.  The hospital administration had become aware of the fact that I had a substance abuse problem.  They told me to call the KPHF within forty-eight hours.  I made the call and it turned out to be one of the most important calls of my life.  I was evaluated and sent to a ninety-day inpatient treatment facility. The KPHF monitored my treatment and afterwards started me on an intense aftercare program for five years. Today I have sixteen years of sobriety.  The KPHF saved my life, my job, and my family.  They have been not only my advocate but also my friend and family.  I am deeply indebted to the Foundation and will always be an ardent supporter.  Ernest MI walked into the Foundation afraid and scared during the worst part of my life.  Somehow I knew that it was exactly where I belonged.  My life was in a downward spiral, I was damaged physically and emotionally, but spiritually I was in a tailspin.  The Foundation knew these facts even before ever seeing me.  They had seen one physician after another walk past their doors with a life wrecked by addiction.I was escorted to the office of Dr. Burns Brady and thus started my journey with the Foundation. Each member of the office treated me as though I was a member of their family.  They loved me through some pretty terrible times. Then the consequences hit.  Mine, although not as bad as many, tore right through me.  Whether it was an issue at home or at my job or with a credentialing board, they walked me through both the emotional and spiritual aspects of that test and also guided me strategically through the morass of their advocacy duties. That was almost a decade ago.  Faces have changed, but on the occasions that I walk through the doors of the Foundation, I feel the love of that organization.  Outsiders see an advocacy group; participants see a life preserver and lighthouse.  Even with all the chemicals gone, it took me a long time to recover and they were there the entire time.  Now with my family and career having been fully restored to a level that I, and most others, could have never imagined, I pray to God above that the Foundation will be there for others just like me.  -DSM


 Before getting clean and sober, I thought that revealing my addiction by seeking help would end my career in medicine. As a physician I thought I could deal with it myself. It was that mistaken belief that nearly cost me my life. Getting sober was not easy and there were serious repercussions in my professional life. I was very fortunate to have the Kentucky Physicians Health Foundation (KPHF) on my side at a time in my life when I was most in need. The professionalism, discretion and expertise of the KPHF provided guidance for my recovery based on years of training and experience.  My participation with the KPHF has allowed them to be powerful advocates in dealing with the state medical board, hospital credentialing committees and health insurance providers. I am enormously grateful for the work they do. It is no exaggeration that my involvement with the KPHF has allowed me to pursue my career while getting the help I need to recover from addiction, saving my life and my family. – Anonymous


 I became an addict to barbiturates over a period of two years or so for what were chronic headaches.   After running out of pills while on vacation and going into withdrawal, and with encouragement by a friend, I checked in to a detox center near home. I had heard of the Kentucky Physicians Health Foundation (KPHF) from a presentation given at one of my hospitals approximately four years earlier.  To my surprise, the Medical Director of the Foundation came to see me while I was in detox and discussed my addiction and treatment plan with me and my wife. I knew that I needed help.  Thank God that the Foundation was there early on to offer that help! It is now 19 years later!  I have had a wonderful career, great marriage and have a super relationship with my four daughters and my grandchildren.  I am involved in the Physicians Health Committee at my hospital as its chair and am blessed to also serve on the Impaired Physicians Committee for the KPHF. I can never put in to words how much the work of the Foundation and its staff have done for me.  Without such an organization I shudder as to how things may have turned out.  I am convinced that my life would have been a lot different without this organization. – Anonymous


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